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Atlanta’s Oldest Skyscraper – The Flatiron Building – Georgia Art Print

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When I first became really interested in photography as an art form, I lived in the Atlanta area and began to seek out scenes of local interest. One of the first I stumbled onto was the English-American Building, often known as the Atlanta Flatiron Building.

Having seen photos of its more famous and slightly younger cousin in New York City, I was curious and took a trip down Peachtree Street to see it for myself. Even though I no longer lived near downtown Atlanta, it was one of many walks along the more historic stretches of Peacthree I’d take over the years.

I still love the lines of the little skyscraper that’s part of the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District. I wonder how many people realize the Flatiron Building is Atlanta’s oldest surviving skyscraper and only the second built in the city near the end of the 19th century?

In a city that’s been quietly rebuilding itself for decades, it’s kind of reassuring to know there’s a little bit of history still sprinkled in among the gleaming modern architecture. And this is among my favorite views of the Flatiron Building, nestled amongst the trees for which Atlanta is well-known, a little island of old America.


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