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Bugatti Type 57 – Classic Car Art Print

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The Bugatti Type 57 is one of those classic cars you have likely seen off and on over the years and even if you’re not a classic car buff, you took notice. It has one of those eye-grabbing classic designs that is still somehow futuristic. Or maybe the Type 57SC Atlantic is simply retro futuristic? It’s how we once thought the future would look once we all had personal jet packs, eh?

Whenever I look at this Bugatti type 57 art print I’m torn whether it makes me think of film noir or it reminds me more of the Batmobile. I can’t help wondering if this classic Bugatti was in some shape or form an inspiration behind the Caped Crusader’s legendary vehicle.

My Bugatti Type 57 artwork shows that classic car enveloped in a sea of colors – a world enveloped in rain and speed. There’s something about the wet reflections and rain drops that to me was the perfect canvas to present this classic car from the 1930s. There’s a sense of fun and being carefree that I think befits a car that was about more than merely getting you from point A to point B. The classic Bugatti Type 57 was clearly not of the same breed as Henry Ford’s Model T! This is nobody’s plain Jane car.

What I most wanted was for this print to tell a story. The story it tells is up to you, the viewer, but it could be a moment from a film, how you imagine the scene from a book from the 30’s, etc. But there’s something dynamic and filled with story in the midst of this classic car print.

I hope you might take a moment to share your thoughts on this classic Bugatti art print. What story does it tell to you? Or what captures your imagination the most? The colors, the puddles or maybe simply the gorgeous lines of that vintage automobile?


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