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Caribbean Sea Pier – Playa del Carmen Art

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I stumbled over this beautiful Caribbean Sea pier on the beach at Playa del Carmen during my week long stay there. It was almost stereotypically beautiful reaching into the waters of the Caribbean. And with a heavenly sky like this to accompany it, well, that was just over the top. I still look at this Caribbean Sea pier print and feel that this is my own personal happy place – the zen spot I go mentally when I need a break, you know? It was like I had seen and been there long before I was physically there in an odd sort of way.

Sea green waters, deep blue skies, and a Caribbean Sea pier, this is probably most people’s definition of paradise whether or not they’ve seen it first hand. When I was planning to spend the last of my time in Mexico on the beach at Playa del Carmen, I questioned the decision. I don’t usually love touristy destinations as much as the off-the-beaten-path ones, but the natural beauty of the waters there entirely won me over. And every time my eyes fall on this Caribbean Sea pier print, well, I want to go back and I want to see more of the tropical Caribbean.

I have often wondered what it is about certain subjects that strike our collective fancy. As a visual element this Caribbean sea pier leads the eye into those beautiful waters, but I think it may go deeper than that. If you have ever studied archaeology you discover that there’s no shortage of ancient sacred places that are tied into water. Seaside cliffs, bogs, natural springs, they were all seen as a connection to the sacred world. I have even read tales of the discovery of old piers and man-made islands in the waters of ancient Britain. Those structures seemed to be an attempt to bridge the sacred waters and the land. That’s why I think images like this Caribbean Sea pier ultimately tap into ancient connections in our collective conscious. We may not be aware that’s what’s happening, but I think whatever your explanation is, there’s a deeper explanation there of what we find inexplicably beautiful.

So, have you wandered past this same beautiful Caribbean Sea pier in Playa del Carmen? Or does this seascape print simply connect with you on a level you can’t explain? I would love it if you took a second to share your thoughts!


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