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Chattahoochee Dawn – North Georgia Landscape Art

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From my experience living in North Georgia, there’s a certain magic to dawn on the Chattahoochee. I saw so many beautiful mornings at various spots along the river, but the one in this Georgia landscape print is extra special. I re-visited this spot on the Chattahoochee just below Lake Lanier’s Buford dam many times over and I never saw another morning like this one. The interaction of the morning light and the mists over the river… well… it’s just indescribably beautiful!

I’ve always thought this Chattahoochee print had an exotic vibe to it. As beautiful as North Georgia can be, this feels like a glimpse at somewhere in the far east and I’ve had more than one person over the years since who has asked me if this particular print was from my travels. As much as I love to travel, this is Exhibit A that we can find incredible beauty in our own backyards. Sometimes it means getting up before the sun rises and waiting in the cool morning air, but it’s worth it for moments like this one on Georgia’s Chattahoochee river.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget standing on the banks of the Chattahoochee that morning. The mists were amazing even in comparably less dramatic lighting. And as I stood there, light suddenly came flooding into the river valley from above an adjacent hill. For just a scant few moments, the light and the mists over the Chattahoochee mingled in a golden spectacle. And it was over almost as fast as it had happened.

After I had written off any chance of a repeat that morning, I headed home because I was determined to see if my capture of that magical morning light equaled what I had seen with my own eyes. And as you can see from this Chattahoochee print, it surely did!

Have you spent a morning on the banks of the Chattahoochee below Lake Lanier? Or does this print remind you of the incredible beauty of our world? I hope you might take a moment to share with me what speaks to you most in this Georgia landscape art?


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