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Christian Cross on The Slea Head Road – Ring of Kerry Art Print

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I stumbled over this beautiful Christian Cross while walking a portion of the Slea Head Road on a beautiful winter day. It was one of those memorable moments that I expect to retain for a lifetime. It was an amazingly beautiful winter day with glorious light and it was the first day of a new year.

Imagine walking that beautiful cliff hugging road with snow-peaked islands in the surrounding waters. That alone was worthy of beautiful memories and a gorgeous landscape print, but when we rounded this curve, out of nowhere was this sun-soaked Christian cross depicting the Crucifixion of Christ.

Definitely seeing this Christian cross on a cliff-face fell under the dramatic and unexpected categories. With the wispy clouds and the mountains in the distance, this art print has a very heavenly aura to it doesn’t it?

I never have learned the story behind this Christian cross sculpture. I don’t know why the sculpture is there? Is the site special for some reason? Or was the cross installed here simply because of the amazing landscape that surrounds it? If anyone has the full story behind the subject of this print, I’d love to know it.

Whatever the explanation may be, it made for an unplanned but beautiful landscape print from the Ring of Kerry. Don’t you agree?

Have you also walked that gorgeous stretch of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland and stumbled over this unexpected Christian sculpture? Or does this Christian Cross print simply speak to you on some deeper level?


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