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Classic Chevy Art – 1956 America

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There’s just something about a classic Chevy like this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. The shape of them.. it’s all so filled with mid-century optimism and design sense. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I grew up hearing tales about the classic Chevy’s my grandfather owned. He wasn’t a car aficionado. Simply he relied on having a reliable car to deliver his rural mail route for over 40 years. And he traded often so there were a string of classic Chevy Bel Airs in my mother’s childhood. Having grown up hearing about them, my eyes go to them as soon as I spot one still out on the highway.

I know there were other awesome cars from the 1950’s but there’s a reason that “See the USA in your Chevrolet” has stuck in the American psyche for so long after that particular ad campaign. They are forever fused with America in the Fifties. These classic cars were artwork unto themselves.

Today’s cars by comparison all look so much alike. There’s some irony in that. The Classic Chevy and its brethren were inspired by the dawn of the jet age. Everything looked sleek and aerodynamic. Today’s cars have been wind tunnel tested and designed for maximum efficiency and that pretty much makes them all look the same. Aerodynamics doesn’t care if you’re a Chevy or a Ford!

For this two tone blue classic Chevy artwork, I wanted a backdrop that could be any American city rather than a specific place or time. Mainly I wanted all eyes to be where they should be on the beautiful lines of, in this case, a 1956 Chevrolet in all its glory. I’m hoping to do more of these as time goes by. I love illustrating those wonderful classic lines and there’s something almost zen to it for me.

What is it that brought you to this particular piece of classic car art? Did you once own a 56 Chevy? Maybe it’s because it’s connected with a significant year in your life? Or do you just love classic cars in general and want to surround yourself with them? I hope you’ll pause a moment to share your story and thoughts on this Classic Chevy artwork.


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