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Custom House Quay – Dublin at Night Art Print

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On my last night in Ireland, I decided to take a walk along the waterfront as dusk fell. I started with Custom House Quay. I really wanted to capture the city lights on that beautiful old Neoclassical Custom house before I left Ireland and I had a perfect clear night for it. The blue in those dusk skies was everything I could have wanted! The contrast with that blue and the warm golden lights along Custom House Quay is perfect. This is why I love taking pictures as the city lights come on. Blue and gold are some of my personal favorite colors.

I stayed only around the corner from this beautiful 18th century building. For this reason this picture represents a special memory for me. When Looking at the light trails from the train crossing in the left of this photo, I can even hear the clacking sounds of that train again. And personally, I can even feel the damp cold of a winter night in Dublin, Ireland, again. Can you feel the cold air on your face as well?

The tall building on the right is Liberty Hall. The postmodern tower was built in the 1960’s. Since leaving Dublin, I had read that there were plans to demolish the building and build a new Liberty Hall. But apparently those plans have currently stalled due to disputes over the design of the new building and its impact on the Dublin skyline. Certainly the existing Liberty hall is already somewhat unique on the mostly historic waterfront particularly on Custom House Quay. Will be interesting to see what becomes of this. My Dublin print could either be a reminder of changing Dublin or it could be the way Dublin looks years from now.

I believe this print really captures the feeling of Dublin at dusk. It’s a city of great architecture, old and new. And amidst it all you can see the evidence of life being lived in this dynamic city, a place of history and still looking forward.

Have you admired the architecture of Custom House Quay? Perhaps this print of Dublin at night reminds you of that great city? Whatever the case, I’d love to hear what attracts you to this Custom House quay print?


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