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Dublin Street Corner – Cavendish Row Art Print

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Sometimes I have no rhyme or reason for why a particular spot calls to me. That was the case with the Dublin street corner in this print. In part, there was just something about the beautiful brickwork of the building that called me. I loved the deep red bricks. And of course, I loved the classic craftsmanship for which Georgian Dublin is known.

I think this Dublin street corner also felt like a little microcosm of Dublin to me. There’s a strong feeling of the former grandeur of old Georgian Dublin. And at the same time, there’s a real sense of everyday Dublin in those streets. Look at the people standing on the pavement around the building. Very contemporary compared to the aging architecture that surrounds them. In old cities like Dublin, time moves on against a unique architectural backdrop.

This particular Street Corner is Cavendish Row which faces Parnell Square at the end of O’Connell Street. I passed by here an unknown number of times and every time, it spoke to me. But it was nearly the end of my trip before the lighting and the general vibe of the streets lined up for this moment. I still look at this Dublin print as my little slice of life from a city I felt I was just getting to know as it was time to leave.

Have you also paused outside Cavendish Row on this same Dublin street corner? Maybe this beautiful building also spoke to you one day? Or perhaps, like me, you simply love Dublin and think this print also captures the unique vibe of that beautiful living city? I would love to hear what calls you to this particular Irish street corner print!


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