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The Dublin Waterfront – Irish Art Print

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After multiple trips to Europe in the winter, I’m still surprised by the quality of the light on a sunny day. There may not be a lot of sunny days, but perhaps the trade-off is that the sunny days like this one on the Dublin waterfront are indeed more special?

This Dublin print primarily shows Ormond Quay on the north side of the River Liffey. The great golden sunlight against those dramatic skies was a winning mix. Even more so when the architecture that’s being highlighted by that light is so fantastic. It’s clear that Ormond Quay has a great mix of mostly heritage architecture as well as some modern. Off in the distance, you can even see the top of the dome of the historic Four Courts building on Four Courts quay. There’s a real feeling of the historic Dublin waterfront in this print.

The Liffey is the beating heart of old Dublin. When the city was founded in Viking days, it was because of the Liffey. In days past, you would have seen boats docked all along the quays of Dublin. The quays today are the remnants of that port city past. As with a lot of historic cities, since the ships have gotten much larger, the port has since moved further out to sea leaving behind a lot of heritage buildings and a port city charm that’s partially lost to modern eyes. Everything faces the waterfront not for the river view but because it was a major thoroughfare of times past. Before the Dublin waterfront was a quaint and beautiful place to walk, it was the center of cargo and people coming and going from this old Irish city.

I will always remember the rich character of the buildings in Dublin in general. It was simply a beautiful city filled with great character and charm. But I particularly have a soft spot for my Dublin waterfront vignettes simply because it’s my first clear memory of Dublin on my first day there. The views along this beautiful old river are etched in my memory.

Do you also have fond memories of walks along the Dublin Waterfront? Perhaps you also experienced a moment of great golden sunlight on the quays there? I’d love to hear what draws your eyes to this particular Irish print.


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