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Galway Bay In The Sun – Irish West Coast Art

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This view of Galway Bay in the sun simply makes me long to return. I loved my time in Ireland but most especially my time on the Irish west coast which has beautiful people and amazing scenic views. This particular view of Galway was taken on the waterside as I walked along the trail from the Claddagh on the causeway to Mutton Island. I was walking out there for the heck of it but this waterscape made it all worthwhile.

Practically every day that I was in the Irish city of Galway, I walked along the waterfront on the Claddagh where the Corrib empties into Galway Bay. I loved walking in the cold sea air more than I ever would have thought. And well, as you can see, the views were worth it no matter the chill in the air.

If I could custom order sunlight like this to follow me around, I absolutely would. But mostly what I would like is to visit Galway again, to smell the salt air and hear the seabirds. I have truly enjoyed a lot of places in my travels but Galway is the only one I have felt homesick for after leaving. And I felt that way on the bus leaving town.

This print not only reminds me of Galway Bay and the city there, it’s the embodiment of the scenic beauty that rests in the landscape along the shores of Galway bay on the Irish west coast.


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