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Ha’penny Bridge on a Winter Day in Dublin – Irish Art Print

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For many of the places I’ve traveled, long before I left,  I had already poured over the sights to see there. As I had a month in Ireland, I decided to play it be ear pretty much. As such, I had no agenda, no list of must-see places. Yet there’s something about some of the best sights to see that make them bubble to the surface all on their own.

The Ha’penny Bridge seen in this print is one of those magical landmarks that you find on your own. Without knowing any of the history of the bridge, I knew the moment I saw it that it was a special landmark in Dublin. The moment I saw it I loved the architecture. Look at all the details in the iron railings and structure and that exquisitely graceful arch leading both people and your eyes over the River Liffey.

It was only after I was home that I started reading up on the history of the Ha’Penny Bridge. I discovered that the bridge was built in 1816, and it was Ireland’s first iron bridge. Its name comes from the toll to cross the bridge. The half penny toll is long gone, but the unofficial name of The Liffey Bridge has stuck.

Despite having had the chance to take multiple photos of the bridge, this print is a personal favorite. First of all, of course, I had wonderful light for a winter day. Just look at the colorful reflections in the river. And I love how the bridge connects the viewer’s eye to Ormond Quay on the opposite bank of the River Liffey, but it’s the curve in the clouds that mirrors the bridge that sells me on this particular print. I would custom order picturesque skies like that if I could!

There’s also one small detail in this print that I appreciate which might not be apparent if you’re not looking at this larger and that’s the bird perched on the nearest bridge lamp. His coloring is so close to the Ha’Penny Bridge color that for a second, you might think he was a bit of subtle ornamentation.

I can attest from customers who have bought this Dublin print in the past that you can simply love the beautiful old world architecture in this one. You don’t necessarily need to have stood on the banks of the Liffey. I’m sure it adds an extra dimension to owning it to have your own memories of the Ha’Penny Bridge. But I’m certainly glad to know this one definitely connects with people who just love a beautiful image.


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