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Historic Tybee Lighthouse – Coastal Architecture

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There’s no doubt that one of the highlights of my first visit to the Savannah area were my multiple visits to see historic Tybee Lighthouse. Lighthouses in general are beautiful art subjects. In fact, most people would say there’s something romantic about the way of life associated with lighthouses and their keepers. In the case of Tybee, it’s one of Georgia’s surviving colonial lighthouses. Granted, the actual lighthouse at Tybee has been rebuilt several times since the first one that was ordered built by James Edward Oglethorpe. But that doesn’t detract from the continued presences of the Tybee Light since the days when Oglethorpe founded the colony.

The height of the historic Tybee Lighthouse at 144 feet is without a doubt impressive. My desire to give that sense of the towering heights is why I chose a vertical panorama format for this Tybee artwork. There’s almost a sense that the building is a bridge between the land and the sky, isn’t there?

If you’ve climbed those many steps inside historic Tybee Lighthouse and gazed out at the panorama view of the Georgia coast from the top, I’m sure you still remember it! I, for one, will never forget the rushing case of vertigo I got when I made the mistake of looking down! I’ve never been quite so glad to get Terra firma below my feet again, but I still look at that beautiful structure with a sense of real appreciation. A I gaze at this Tybee artwork, I not only love the beauty of the building, I feel the sea close at hand again. It’s as if I’m still a few feet away from those sandy beaches and the waves of the Atlantic.

Have you also stood before the historic Tybee Lighthouse during your own visit to the Georgia coast? Or is your interest in this work simply inspired by a love of lighthouses and nautical art?


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