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Irish Pubs On a Sunny Day in Dingle – Ireland Art

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Dingle’s claim to fame seems to be that it has the most pubs per-capita of any place in Ireland. I heard that said of this little corner of County Kerry many times over on my trip to Ireland. Assuming it’s a fact, that would suggest quite a few Irish pubs in such a picturesque but small town. Supposedly it reaches that claim by most of the shops in town also having pubs inside. So you might buy a hammer, some nails, and a pint at the same store.

As I was only in Dingle for a few hours, I didn’t have time to really put that Irish Pub trivia to the test, but I had a beautiful warm lunch on a cold winter day in the bright red Irish pub on the corner there. And I can say that pub is still my impression of what a picture perfect Irish Pub would be. Quaint and brightly painted exterior and cozy and warm inside.

It was quite cold outside Murphy’s Pub that afternoon but you wouldn’t know it to look at the bright sunshine in this print. It’s hard to imagine a more spectacular way to start a new year. The sun was in full force than January 1st and that little stretch of the Irish coast was phenomenal. There was definitely a part of me that wanted to hop off the bus and stay in Dingle that day. Maybe put the Irish Pub claim to a proper count or at the very least enjoy the Irish seaside a bit longer.

I didn’t skip out on the bus and I never made it back to Dingle. So sunny Dingle remains what I see as the epitome of Irish villages, warm and beautiful and packed with wee Irish pubs. Ha!

Have you walked those beautiful streets yourself? Or do cozy pubs in picturesque Ireland call your name ever so loudly?


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