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Little Boat On The Banks of The Corrib – Galway Art

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I have always loved reflections in water, and typically when I see them, I’ll create a fairly symmetrical scene, the sky above and its mirror image in the water below. There’s just something surreal about seeing the skies reflecting in a large body of water.

When I spotted this little row boat resting quietly on the banks of the river Corrib in Galway, I wanted to make that little boat on the riverside the focus of the artwork. But I still wanted to include that incredible reflection of the winter blue sky. I knew if the river bank was centered in the composition, that little tiny boat would be lost on the banks of the Corrib. There’s no way it could compete with the dramatic sky and the reflection below. After a few minutes of contemplating the scene before me, I decided this time, the sky would not be included at all. Instead I would focus on the blue waters leading one’s eye to the yellow grasses of the shore and that wee Irish boat.

As much as I normally love showing both halves of a reflection, this departure show what a powerful image can result when there are only a few elements and a small selection of vibrant colors. This is without a doubt one of my favorite scenes from my walks on the Corrib in Galway. And considering how much I loved Galway, that’s saying something.

I’ve heard the Corrib is a central character in the fabric of Galway. In the dead of winter, I only saw a small handful of people – hardy souls they were – paddling those waters, but the collection of boats where I took this photo this is based upon illustrated the river in summer would be a different scene. Between that waiting boat and the cool blue waters, I really do feel like I’ve captured the essence of winter on the Corrib in Galway.

Perhaps one day I’ll get the chance to make a companion for this print in another season? I’d love the opportunity and not just because I love Galway. Have you walked the Corrib on a winter day? Or do you simply love the vibrant simplicity of this river print?


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