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Little Boat On The Gulf Of Mexico – Yucatan Art Prints

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Near the end of my week in the Yucatan several years ago, what I most wanted was just a fun day at the beach and from what I had heard about Celestún, it struck me as just the ticket. And as I spent most of that day on a little boat not unlike this one, it was an absolute blast. And every time I look at this print of that little boat on the wide waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, I’m reminded of that sense of adventure. I think this print really captures that feeling of boundless possibilities along with the natural beauty of the gulf waters.

I think that inherent sense of adventure in this little boat print is what has made it connect with past patrons. Beautiful blues, great sea greens, and a little boat with an unlimited vista ahead, what’s not to love? Whenever I look at this print, not only do I remember the beautiful beach at Celestún and the gorgeous gulf waters, I remember seeing the sights along the Yucatan coast. Celestún is a little seaside fishing village within the Parque Natural del Flamenco Mexicano.

A lot of my childhood experiences with the Gulf of Mexico and its pristine waters was on the Florida side of the gulf as my family is originally from South Alabama. That area has built up a lot since then, so visiting the other side of the gulf in the midst of a national park was almost like traveling in time back to the beaches of my childhood. Although I’m not sure I remember colorful little boats like this one!

Have you perchance visited Celestún on the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan? If so, you probably had a fun boat adventure, too? Not that visiting there is a prerequisite for enjoying this little boat print. In fact most of the past patrons who I’ve spoken to simply loved it because of the colorful and scenic nature of this print. What do you find speaks to you most about this print?


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