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Magical Stonehenge – A Neolithic Fantasy Art Print

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I am lucky enough to have seen Stonehenge twice. The first visit was at the very dawn of my love affair with traveling and my journey as a visual artist.

This print from magical Stonehenge is based on my second visit. The skies that day were uninspiring but the magic of stonehenge is still there. Just as I aimed to take the photo this print is based upon, there appeared birds in flight departing the stone circle. I’ve always looked back on that moment with some wonder.

It was some years later when inspiration struck and that magical Stonehenge photo became the basis for this piece of fantasy art. In this print you see the Stonehenge of my mind, a beautiful and celestial temple, a place that we can really only vaguely understand today as far removed as we are from its Neolithic builders.

Every day we seem to understand just a little more about the construction of Stonehenge and its setting in ancient times. Each new discovery sheds a little light on the past in Britain. But at the end of the day, I’m uncertain we’ll ever really know the minds of the people who sacrificed their short existence to build this ancient monument.

This picture with the moon and stars hanging above Stonehenge is all about that mystery. I hope you enjoy this Magical Stonehenge print as much as I did creating it. Does it speak to you of the same wonder it does for me? Have you also stood and marveled at this ancient monument? Or does this print illustrate a dream trip for you?

Note: Stonehenge, Avebury and associated neolithic monuments in Wiltshire are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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