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Newgrange Panorama – Sacred Ireland Art Print

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For me, this Newgrange Panorama really captures the magic of that amazing neolithic heritage site. I had read a bit about Newgrange before arriving in Ireland but it was nearly the end of my month there when I finally stood there on an amazingly sunny day in late January. And nothing I had read prepared me for the magic of Newgrange on a winter day.

I took the photos that are the basis for this Newgrange panorama while waiting to access the site. Only a limited number of people are allowed in each day and the number of people actually on the site at any moment is kept to a minimum. Having been to other ancient sites that were flooded with people, I appreciated the rules. But I might have felt a bit different had I not gotten to enter! As it was, on a winter day with the sunlight soaking the landscape in front of the ancient site… wow… it was just an amazing experience and I believe this print captures that ageless feel of this ancient landscape in Ireland.

Newgrange was already a few centuries old when Khufu was constructing his great Pyramid in Egypt! But little is known about the people who built Newgrange. What we do know after years of archaeological exploration and restoration is that Newgrange was a chamber tomb that was in use for centuries. The most tantalizing part of the puzzle is the discovery that the entrance to Newgrange was designed so that when the mid-winter sun rises, it’s rays pierce the perpetual darkness inside. What could this have meant to the people who built it, a chance of re-birth for the souls of those interred perhaps?!

I was there a bit late for the actual experience, but seeing the winter sun shining so brightly on the front of the structure in this Newgrange panorama print tickles the imagination. It made me imagine what it must have been like millennia ago to stand on that site waiting for the sun. Imagine what it must have meant to the people who undoubtedly considered this place sacred in their world?

Have you visited Newgrange? Or are you simply fascinated by ancient sacred sites like the one in this Newgrange Panorama print? I’d love to hear what calls to you in this print?

Note: Newgrange is part of the Brú na Bóinne – a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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