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Picturesque Streets of Dingle – Irish Art Print

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After days of wet and sometimes dreary weather, I arrived on the beautiful streets of Dingle to some of the brightest winter sunlight imaginable. I don’t know what the average winter day in Dingle is like but my lone day was so beautiful that I utterly understood why I had heard that many artists have made their home in this corner of County Kerry.

I had a limited time to wander the streets of Dingle but everywhere I looked I saw bright and lovely colors like the brilliant hues of turquoise in the James Long pub in the foreground. I particularly fell in love with the contrast of that buildings and the blue cloud-filled skies overhead. Makes for a Striking combination in this Irish print doesn’t it?

My Irish journey began with a whirlwind 5 night tour of the country before going it on my own at my own pace for the remainder of my month in Ireland. There were so many places I wanted to see again and Dingle was high on that list. But for now the streets of Dingle remain a golden memory. There simply wasn’t enough time to see all the places I wanted to see in the depth I wanted to experience them. I certainly hope there will be a next time for Dingle. That colorful seaside village in county Kerry is the sort of place I could easily lose myself like other artists apparently have before me.

Does this colorful print of the streets of Dingle remind you of your own visit to County Kerry? Or do you find the colors in this picture so striking that you fell in love with this print of a faraway, wee Irish village? I’d love to hear what makes this quaint print of Dingle Town special to you!


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