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Pigeon Point Lighthouse – Blue And Gold Landscape Art

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I stumbled over Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the late afternoon after a day spent hopping from one beach to the next on the California coast north of Santa Cruz. It was one of those golden days where each passing hour in my drive up California State Route 1, I discovered another piece of coastline more beautiful than the one before.

And I guess Pigeon Point Lighthouse would qualify as the crescendo in that gorgeous day. This was the stretch of the coast where I finally settled down and saw the sunset. And I couldn’t think of a more lovely setting. I felt as if I had almost literally struck gold in this landscape. As I wandered that beach, I saw the golden skies above the blue sea with Pigeon Point Lighthouse silhouetted by those beautiful colors.

Standing by the seaside, I framed the view of Pigeon Point Lighthouse seen here. Just as I was set to capture this already beautiful moment, a lone bird flew into view. I couldn’t have been more pleased. A little serendipity was combined with waiting for the bird to get into just the right spot in this Lighthouse composition… And well, you see the happy results in this beautiful print!

For those curious about the setting of this print, Pigeon Point lighthouse lies on the Northern California coast between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. The lighthouse was built in 1871 and is on the US National Register of Historic Places. The light is now automated but still in service as an aid to nautical navigation today.

Have you also stood on those same beaches near Pigeon Point Lighthouse? Or, like me, are you enamored with landscape prints of historic lighthouses?


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