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Pigeon Point Lighthouse – California Coast Art Print

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A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to have a Monday business meeting in Northern California which gave me the chance to spend the weekend exploring a little of the west coast. Naturally, what I discovered was one gorgeous landscape and vista after another. After a long Saturday hopping from beach to beach on the coast, there was a side of me that wanted to find a place to hide out on the beach and never come back.

Near the end of my day driving up the coast north of Santa Cruz, I spotted Pigeon Point lighthouse on the horizon. I had never heard of Pigeon Point before, but it looked like a great place to see the day end. I spent a little time on the beach south of the light before starting north once more. I got just past the light and turned back to see Pigeon Point bathed in the late afternoon sun… Well, I stopped dead in my tracks. It was just a fantastic view.

I luckily found a little side road and hopped out of the car quickly. When I say quickly, I was barefooted as I scrambled out on the rocks with my camera and tripod. I couldn’t let any time pass – I was mesmerized by that beautiful view and I knew it would make a great print of Pigeon Point.

I’ve read that the lighthouse is primarily a park today It’s a stopping point for tourists mainly but what a beautiful remnant of an era when these old lighthouses still served as important navigational aids along the rugged California coast. I know that we are somewhat guilty today of romanticizing life in a lighthouse, but I still can’t help looking at this print and thinking I’d love to spend some time living there. What a great view to see everyday!

The sun was really strong and low on the horizon which accounts for the deep colors of the sky and the rocks while I was there. I, of course, have a number of photos from this spot, but this is my personal favorite as it really captures the powerful waves surging against the rocky coast.


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