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Pink Cadillac – Elvis Inspired Art

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In the 1950’s there seemed to be one car that rising stars got to signal they had arrived, and it was the now-classic Cadillac. And there’s probably none that remains as famous as Elvis’ pink Cadillac. And as any Elvis aficionado no doubt knows Elvis had multiple pink Cadillacs – two in the 1950’s. His first pink Cadillac was a 1954 that was lost to a roadside fire. The second was a 1955 that was originally blue with a black roof. He had it repainted a custom pink color for which he coined the name Elvis Rose. This was the car that he famously gave to his mother who never learned to drive a car. This was the car that Elvis would drive for the rest of the 1950’s. Both of the 1950’s Cadillacs served to carry Elvis and his band to shows.

The background story behind Elvis’ famous pink Cadillac probably is all you need to understand the inspiration for this particular classic car artwork. This was one I had a lot of fun with. In some ways it’s a sparse image. A brick wall, an old stage door, and a 1950’s pink Cadillac are the main features, but the one that, for me, it’s the coup de grace is the  single guitar case leaning against the fender. The musical angle frames everything else! Whose guitar case is that?

I like to leave things open for interpretation, and I’ve been amazed at how many other famous 1950’s musicians this artwork has reminded viewers of. In fact, it almost makes me feel guilty to say that my inspiration was one specific person. I love that art can be in the eye of the beholder! If this reminds you of someone else entirely, then run with it! After all, in some respects Elvis’ story is the story of America in the 1950’s when rock n roll grew out of Rhythm and Blues. It was a period when Rockabilly was big and there were hopeful musicians driving from show to show hoping for their big break.

So whoever this Elvis inspired art reminds you of, enjoy it! Maybe you enjoyed this print simply because you love classic cars or you’re a musician who loves the history of the era? Whatever drew you to this particular piece of art, I’m glad you enjoy it and I hope you’ll pause for a moment to tell me what drew you to this particular piece of art!


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