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Portland Bill Lighthouse Art – Clearing Storm on Dorset Coast

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There’s just something about the majesty of lighthouses that transcends their utilitarian function. Even today many of these historic old lighthouses like Portland Bill Lighthouse still serve to keep boats from dashing on the rugged coast. Although many are automated, I think in our mind’s eye there’s still a lighthouse keeper there watching the waters during rough weather. To imagine them empty would be akin to taking away the soul of the light.

The Current Portland Bill Lighthouse replaced not one but two lights when it was first lit in 1906. The former upper and lower lights were from the 18th century. Keeping boats off the rocks on the Isle of Portland in Dorset is not a new affair! And I think that’s part of what makes lighthouse art timeless. Look at the waves crashing on that rugged coastline as the storms begin to clear. Is it 2017 or centuries earlier? If you are a student of architecture you can pick apart the clues for a more general date, but for most of us, this piece of British landscape art illustrates a story as old as time and tide.

Personally, I also believe that artwork like this speaks to our own internal search for the calm between the storms and for the rock hard lighthouse to anchor ourselves to in the midst of the raging wind. This scene to me, represents the hope that this too shall pass – the storm is a moment that we must weather and nothing more. I love the symbolism that we can find in the every day. And I think it makes this particular print enjoyable whether or not you have ever stood on the Dorset coast or not. There’s an emotional power to art that transcends simple place and time, don’t you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Portland Bill Lighthouse art print? Have you visited and are searching for a beautiful memento of your time there? Or do you simply love lighthouse art? Or perhaps British landscape art stirs your soul? I hope you’ll share what brought you here.

Note: Portland Bill Lighthouse is a Grade II listed building with English Heritage.


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