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Shelby Cobra – Race Car Art

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This Shelby Cobra race car art print is all about capturing the feeling of being in motion. The city lights are a blur of color in the background. The result is very eye-catching, don’t you agree? It feels as if we’ve barely captured a glimpse of this little roadster as it barrels through the city streets at night. A little moment between breaths as if you’re sitting in the seat. There’s a real sense of exhilaration.

This artwork was based on the Shelby Cobra 289 which was manufactured from 1963-1965. This roadster is well within the domain of classic cars now being more than 50 years old. But it remains a true classic in the sense some would still see it as the epitome of a race car. It has that fun and nimble vibe even if you are not at all familiar with the car or its history. The Shelby Cobra was also marketed as the AC Cobra outside of the US. This is a car that has captured the hearts of classic car enthusiasts the world over quite literally.

In fact, the Shelby Cobra remains so popular that there are “continuation cars” being built today based on the classic designs from the 1960s!

This race car art print was simply fun to work on regardless of the shining history of the subject of this piece. Those smooth flowing curves were a delight from the perspective of this artist. It’s a car that would be fun to illustrate no matter what but to me it just required being shown in motion to honor its race car pedigree. And everything about the background was fun from the bright colors to capturing a sense of a frozen moment in time. And do we even have to talk about those fun little puddles? Don’t you want to splash in them yourself?

This Shelby Cobra race car art was done by request to be a cool gift for the man in someone’s life. If you love the style of it but have a different subject in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me with details.


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