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The Spirit Of The Louvre – Paris Art Print

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Paris by night in general is dazzling, but the Cour Napoléon of the Louvre Museum is especially so. This wing of the Louvre art museum is considered to be the “New Louvre,” being built under Napoleon’s I through III.

These days it’s most well known because of the incredible glass pyramid entrance to the Louvre in the heart of that courtyard. I have to admit that I so enjoyed photographing it before and after my visit inside that I wish I had planned a separate visit to the Louvre just to document the courtyard from a myriad of different angles. Next time, I suppose – after all it’s not like I need an excuse to want to see picture-perfect Paris or the Louvre again.

Even without the forethought of a separate visit to the Louvre just for photography, I  succeeded in capturing a number of images that night. And this long exposure photograph of the Napoleon Courtyard at dusk is among my favorites. The golden lighting of the original architecture as well as the glass pyramid is exquisite against that dusk blue sky.

And most especially I love the ghostly images of people who paused in their movement through the frame while I was taking this. They are barely recorded but their moment in the frame adds spirit to the moment.


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