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Streets of Temple Bar – Dublin At Night Art

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Have you ever seen a piece of art that seems to reflect your own emotions? Perhaps it’s because the artist felt the same way you did? When I look at this print of the streets of Temple Bar from my last night in Dublin, I feel a sweet sense of nostalgia and even homesickness. Although in the grand scheme of things, a month may not seem like much, apparently it was enough for me. I feel like I have somehow infused this Dublin print with that same strong sense of the sentimental that I had that night on the streets of Temple Bar as I prepared to say farewell to Ireland.

Even on a dark night in late January, the streets of Temple Bar were alive with people and bright lights. And as much as I loved the beautiful architecture both old and modern that lined that street, it was the people watching I most remember and what ultimately makes this Temple Bar print so special to me. I love the little vignette of people outside the Quays Bar, the Irish Pub in the foreground, but in particular I love the couple holding hands together as they head down the street towards the distant crowds. There’s simply something sweet and humanizing about people that adds so much to a street scene. Without them the streets of Temple Bar would be beautiful but otherwise empty in the emotional sense of the word as much as the literal sense.

This Dublin print is based on multiple photos from my fisheye lens. On its own that style of lens creates imagery with a pretty unique view of the world. But combined in this fashion, the streets of Temple Bar seem to practically unfold before the viewer. The end result is a vivid piece of art that you almost feel you could step into, don’t you think?

Do you have a sentimental spot for the street of Temple Bar? Does this print reawaken beautiful memories of Dublin? Or perhaps the bright light and sweet sentiment of this Dublin print speaks to you on an emotional level distinct from ever having been to Ireland yourself? I hope you might take a moment to share what speaks to you most about this Dublin print?


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