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Streets Of Temple Bar – Dublin Art Print

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My last night in Dublin included a long wander through the landmark Temple Bar district. As you can see in this print, even on a cold winter night, the streets in Temple Bar are full of life!

It was the bright red facade of this particular pub that attracted my attention before I even saw the name. The pub featured so prominently in this photo proclaims itself to be The Temple Bar. There may be a reason it holds that distinction?  But Temple Bar in general terms refers to the whole neighborhood of pubs and galleries. Temple Bar was not that long ago in the grand scheme of things, a low rent district that was revived by artists. In the years that passed, the Temple Bar neighborhood became a destination unto itself for visitors to Dublin. Have you been? I bet the odds are you have if you’ve walked the streets of Dublin!

I love the pop of red and the very traditional Irish pub feel of this bar, never mind the great assortment of people standing outside, but it’s the bright lights shining down the walls and spilling onto the cobblestones that really makes this photo for me. It was taken with a fisheye lens which gives a great surreal and almost 3D quality to the final image.

It’s now been a couple of years since I stood there, but the richness of this art print never fails to make me feel as if I’m standing there again, on a night out in the midst of Dublin’s well known Temple Bar.

This is easily my most popular Irish art print, never mind of my prints in and around Dublin. I had requests to purchase prints of it before I had even had a chance to contemplate which of my images from Ireland to make available for sale. I think I’ve managed to really capture the feeling of being there which appeals to many who have been to Dublin and have fond memories of their Irish adventure.


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