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Tybee Island Lighthouse At Night – Fantasy Art

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One of my personal favorite photo-art pieces incorporates a panorama photo that I took of beautiful dusk skies over Tybee Island. The dusk skies were fading to night and the resulting artwork shows that historic lighthouse at night. This picture is probably also special to me as it was the first time I had ever been to Tybee Island. Even though night was coming, I had to find the lighthouse as I had seen photos and videos of it for years and years.

I’m honestly not sure what called me to take such a fanciful direction with this picture, maybe it was a simple need to convey the magic I felt seeing the old lighthouse at night? Or perhaps I’m simply taken to flights of fantasy myself. Either way I love the golden glow of the lighthouse and the keeper’s cottage against those blue skies.

This piece has been layering it with various textures to create not only a painterly feel of the old landmark, but it gives it a very time-worn feel. Notice the lovely stars and blue tones in the sky, and the warm lights around the buildings that support Tybee Light.

Whatever motivated it, in the end, this view of Tybee Island Lighthouse at night is a really fun panorama artwork and I’m very proud of it! It never fails to take me back to that first night standing there on the Georgia coast.


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