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Vibrant Mexican Architecture – Red Doorway Art Print

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I have wandered the lovely streets of Mérida on two separate trips now. On my second visit, I was well familiar with the vibrant Mexican architecture there. But it’s amazing how repeating a visit to a place can open our eyes to the details. On that first trip, most of my artwork is packed with cityscapes, street scenes, and wide views of the beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture of Mérida. On my second visit to the Yucatán, I spent a long day walking the streets of Mérida and I became somewhat obsessed with the doorways I encountered.

The details of Mexican architecture are simply rich in every way. They are rich in detail and rich in color! If you’re looking at this doorway print, you can no doubt imagine how I stopped in my tracks when I saw that vibrant red wall – a work of art in its own right. The thick white trim and the ornate wrought iron door really shone against that deep red stucco wall. It was, as you can see, truly a feast for the visual senses. And to top off the scene, just look at the texture and weathered appearance of the wall and doorway.

The resulting Mexican architecture series of artwork that developed from that day spent wandering the streets of Mérida have certainly found an audience sine then. Which goes to show, sometimes it’s the details that make the art. There’s something intimate about architectural art and there’s much symbolism with doorways, the entrances to our homes and so much more. There were so many options for how I could have spent that day in Mérida, but I’m glad I spent it capturing some beautiful details of the vibrant Mexican architecture in that historic city.

Have you been to Mérida? Or perhaps you are simply bowled over by the vibrant colors and details of this doorway print? I hope you might take a moment to share your thoughts on what speaks to you most in this Mérida wall art?


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