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Yellow VW Beetle – Classic Car Art

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One of my dream cars has always been a vintage yellow VW beetle. It reaches so far back into my own childhood that I’m not exactly sure what triggered it. I just know when I was small, I had several VW Beetles and Buses in my fleet of toy cars. And by the time of my childhood they were already safely in the category of classic cars.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be so picky on color. A yellow VW Beetle is my dream, but those classic bugs are all beautiful to me. There is just something about the design, you know? By today’s standards the styling is retro, but the humble VW Beetle has very sympathetic lines. It’s hard to look at a VW Beetle without endowing it with human qualities. Maybe that’s the reason the VW Beetle has featured in fiction such as Herbie The Love Bug and Transformers?

All these years later, I’ve still only dreamt of having my own yellow VW Beetle. Perhaps one day I’ll make it a reality but the cool thing about being an artist is that I can pay homage to a classic car as easily as beautiful landscapes and architecture. And as you can see that’s exactly what I did.

And I personally love the result. There’s a dreamy quality to this classic car art. I’d go so far as to say there’s a sense of the ethereal if such can be said for a car. But mostly what this print says to me is Let’s Go! There’s a sense of adventure as if that cool yellow VW Beetle is ready to go on a journey.

I hope you may take a few minutes to share your thoughts about this VW print. What brought you here and made you stop to enjoy it? Do you share my love for this classic car? Or does it strike your fancy more because of that sense of dreamy adventures that await?


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