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Atlanta Braves Print – Braves Country Sign


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This Atlanta Braves print was inspired by my late father. He was a fan of the Braves for as long as I can remember. Since he grew up in Alabama before the Braves ever came to Atlanta, I’m not sure exactly how far back he followed the team. But they were already in Georgia by the time he moved here in 1969, so I’m betting he followed them at least as long as he called Georgia home.

My father was a Braves fan when they were winning and when they were losing. He was never a fair weather friend to his favorite baseball team. Even after his stroke, he followed the team through the last baseball season of his life. So this Atlanta Braves print was one I tackled while coping with the grief of losing him. It’s a piece of art that I would have loved to have given to him as a gift. He always encouraged whatever paths I took in life, but I think this classic and colorful Braves print is one he would have enjoyed regardless of who made it.

This Braves print features the This is Braves Country sign from the outfield wall. Beyond the sign you can see the stadium seats packed with cheering fans. I only went to a handful of games when I lived in Atlanta – all at Turner Field.  But I heard the games on TV so much over the years that I hear the familiar Braves war chant in the air when I look at this print. I think it captures the spirit of the sport and the team my father followed for so much of his life.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts about this Atlanta Braves print. Does the “This is Braves Country” sign remind you of someone special? Or maybe you’re a devoted fan like my Dad was? If this Braves print brings back special memories, I hope you’ll share them in the comments. You can also ask any questions you may have about prints there or send me a message if you would like an answer by email.

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