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Atlanta Skyscrapers – Bank of America Plaza


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Bank of America Plaza, currently the tallest of the Atlanta skyscrapers, was built during a building boom in the 1980s and 1990s which saw the creation of much of the city’s modern skyline. In fact, this street perspective of that skyscraper from the streets of Peachtree Center is a story of that era. Although envisioned and begun decades before, much of Peachtree Center was completed during that same boom.

There’s something about this canyon of Atlanta Skyscrapers that has always reminded me of a classic utopian view of the city of tomorrow. I think it’s the mix of trees in the streetscape and the habitrail style connecting skywalks above the city streets. It just reminds me of an old illustration of what the future would look like. All that is missing is jet packs and flying cars!

That vision of the world of tomorrow very much influenced the direction I took with this Atlanta skyscrapers artwork. I wanted that vintage feel of an illustration of the densely packed cities of tomorrow. And it comes complete with towering buildings framing the views in this urban styled canyon of glass and steel. The Suntrust Plaza towers are both framing this view of the Bank of America Plaza in Midtown.

Does this Atlanta Skyscraper print also remind you of those vintage visions of the world of tomorrow? Or do you have a personal connection to these canyons of towering buildings and the city of Atlanta? For me, Atlanta was also my first real experience with the big city, both as a visitor and later living in the area. So it’s inescapable that I look at this Atlanta scene with a sense of nostalgia. I hope maybe you will take a few moments to pause and share your thoughts on this Atlanta skyscraper scene?


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