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Classic Auburn University – Samford Hall Art


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One of the highlights of my 20’s was the two years I spent in grad school at Auburn University, and I’ll never forget the first time I drove through Auburn. It was a summer afternoon and as I came down College Street, I saw Samford Hall looming ahead for the first time. Even if I hadn’t attended Auburn University, I would be impressed by the beauty of that gorgeous old building. But thanks to my time there, I instantly associate it with my memories of Auburn, the friends I made there, and the good times. And that was unquestionably the feeling I was trying to capture in this Auburn artwork.

Samford Hall is a classic in many ways. It was built in a neoclassical design after all – more specifically the Romanesque revival style. It was constructed in 1888 following the fire of the previous “old main” building. For years it was simply the “Main” building but it was named in honor of William J Samford in 1929. Samford Hall originally housed classrooms and the library. As the campus has grown much since 1888, today this classic structure is the main administration building for Auburn University. And I can’t imagine a building more iconic on campus. The stadium would be the only thing that could come close.

When I see the old clock tower of Samford Hall reaching into the Alabama skies in this print, I’m instantly taken back to my memories of Auburn. How about you? Do you have fond memories of your own years at Auburn? Or maybe you have a loved one who went there? Perhaps you have a son or daughter who is there now or graduating soon? I would love to hear what your connection is with Auburn and what made you stop and check out this Auburn University artwork?


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