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Colorful Galway Ireland at Sunset


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This colorful Glaway art print is among my most popular prints  from my travels in Ireland. And every time I look at this print, I feel a warm glow despite the photo being taken near sunset on a cool winter day. In fact, maybe that’s the reason the light feels so warm. You can almost feel the warm light and the cool sea air mixing on the waterfront in colorful Galway, can’t you?

If there’s one thing I wasn’t adequately prepared for when visiting Ireland, it’s how colorful Galway, and indeed it seemed everywhere in Ireland was. Mostly you hear about the green grass, but you never seem to hear as much said about the colorful houses that you find in the cities and villages like Galway.

On a personal level, there was just something about Galway that instantly appealed to me. When I visited Ireland, outside of a brief bus trip around the country, I had no set plans for my month long trip. Colorful Galway was one of the stops on that quick bus ride and around a week later I was back in Galway where I would spend about half my time there. In fact, this photo of the colorful houses on the waterfront in Galway was taken on my first night back there. As soon as I was checked in, I headed down to the waterfront and got there just in time to see the sun setting on the horizon, but the real show was the warm light it was casting on the skies and houses on the Galway waterfront. Just magical!

It was hardly the last time I was down by the waterfront in Galway. The Long Walk and the Claddagh were spots I frequently walked during my stay. Between the sea air on Galway bay and the quaint charm of the area, well, where else would I have wanted to be?

I’ve said more than once since leaving that I left my heart in colorful Galway, Ireland. The people, the architecture, the location… all charming…

Does this colorful Galway print remind you of your own time in Galway? Perhaps you call Galway home? Or you’re shopping for a gift for someone who has been to Galway and similarly fell in love with the place? I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts on Galway in general and this print in particular. And if you have questions about prints of the colorful Galway waterfront, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or send me a message.


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