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Denny Chimes – University Of Alabama Art


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One of my favorite things as more people come to know about my work is getting requests, and one of those recent frequent requests was for an art print of the Denny Chimes.

The Denny Chimes have been a fixture on the south side of The Quad at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for scores of UA students for decades. The idea of a towering campanille was originally dreamed up as a memorial to those lost in the first world war. But money was tight and nearly a decade passed before that dream became a reality. The bell tower was completed and dedicated in 1929. I’ve had several University of Alabama alumni tell me that when looking at this print, they can hear the carillon ring out. Isn’t it amazing the power of our senses? That the sight or smell of something can bring back sensations like hearing? In this case the sight of the landmark Denny Chimes stirs the same emotional response of hearing its bells. I love and understand that!

The art deco architecture of the Denny Chimes is really complimented by the surrounding landscape of the campus. There’s certainly a park-like setting if not the feel of an actual woodland. And there’s just something about the soaring lines of the tower piercing the canopy of the trees. It’s a beautiful combination that if I read about it, I wouldn’t expect to like, but seeing is believing and the result is harmonious.

I love painting trees with a free and organic shape, so a Denny chimes painting seems like a perfect subject for my style. I plan to do more University of Alabama art prints as time allows, but I have to say I’m thrilled with my first entry into this subject area. But as always I welcome other suggestions as well!

I would love to hear what brought you to this particular University of Alabama art print? Were you looking for the perfect gift to give a friend who’s an Alumni of the University of Alabama? Or were you looking for something for yourself to recall your own halcyon days on this beautiful and historic campus? Do please pause to share your thoughts!


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