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Egyptian Village Streets – Daraw Art Print


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I will never forget visiting the Egyptian Village of Daraw seen in this print. Understandably, much of our visit through Egypt was crisscrossing the paths of so many tourists before us. It’s a taste of Egyptian life, but not the same as seeing a city relatively unaffected by the tourist trade. On our journey on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor, we stopped for a little side-trip to see the camel market in Daraw. While the camel market was interesting, the chance to get a little taste of life in an actual Egyptian village was far more interesting.

Everywhere we went in Daraw we got curious glances. It was clear this Egyptian village didn’t see outsiders in the same numbers that places like Luxor and Aswan do. But beneath that, as I looked around Daraw, I felt some kinship to my own little home town. I mean, the window dressing couldn’t be more different, but beyond that, it was filled with people going about their everyday lives. It wasn’t a special place in the world at large, but to the people you see on this street corner in that little Egyptian village, it was home. And home is one of those concepts that ultimately has a special meaning to most of us.

There was something about this smartly dressed man pushing his old yellow bicycle that caught my attention. It looks as if he paused on this corner perhaps to check out the produce stand across the way? Maybe he just needed a quick breather in the hot Egyptian day. I really can’t put my finger on what brought him to my attention but I had to capture this moment. And years later, this print is still the one that springs to mind as I remember life on the streets of that little Egyptian Village.

Have you walked the streets of Daraw or a similar corner of everyday Egypt? Or perhaps have had that same feeling of sympathetic connection in a place far from home?  Maybe this print speaks to you in some other way? I would love if you took a moment to share what you find most striking about this Egyptian village print?


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