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Gorgeous Day In Dublin – Irish Art Print


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On my last full day in Ireland, the sun came out! And I mean the sun came out in a truly big way as you can see from this dawn print of O’Connell Street in Dublin. I was fortunate to have had some pretty days during my month wandering Ireland, but this last day before flying out was off the charts sunny for a winter day in Dublin. Everyone I met that day in Dublin had a little extra spring in their step. With the sun out in full force, it was just that kind of gorgeous day.

I had plans for a day out of Dublin as it turned out on that last day, but since I was leaving from O’Connell Street, it was a perfect opportunity to get a picture of that incredibly sunlight bathing Dublin’s main post office. That’s the huge piece of classical Georgian architecture you see here. Pretty stunning isn’t it?

You’ll see if you wander through my photos that An Post was the subject of more than one of my Dublin prints. There was something about that beautiful old building that caught my attention. Perhaps the scale of it on that wide avenue? Perhaps that there was always a stream of people around it, a constant source of inspiration in Dublin. Or maybe it was just down to some ineffable quality that defies explanation?

Whatever it was, I haunted this old Georgian building as well as any ghost might during my stay in Dublin and I can’t pick favorites. I have an awful time choosing favorites form my artwork, but there’s no question in my mind that the sunlight in this Dublin print is extra special. Don’t you agree?


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