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Paris In Pastel – Impressionistic Art


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I don’t know how a city could have a soul, but I equally don’t know how Paris could not. And it’s an artistic soul no doubt. How many art movements were born along the Seine? Perhaps that’s why this piece is suitably impressionistic in nature? After all that movement came to be amongst the artists of Paris.

There are multiple places I’ve traveled that I genuinely love. So this is not a knock on the other cities I’ve seen. But I’ve said many times that Paris was singly the most photogenic place I’ve visited.

There’s a beauty to the architecture no doubt, but it feels like the beauty goes beyond that. When I looked at the photo of the Eiffel Tower that this work is based on, I didn’t just see the great tower rising over the river, nor it’s reflection in the Seine. I saw a riot of warm colors in the sky and water. It was the late afternoon sun radiating off the clouds, in all these different soft hues. And it was what I wanted to accentuate in my final impressionistic artwork.

This photo cried out to me for the textural treatment and I love the soft, dreamy feel in the resulting picture. When I look back on my short stay in Paris, it begins to feel like those memories have retreated into a dream-world, so maybe that also explains my desire to create this image? Do your memories of Paris seem like a dream as well?

As any artist who has traveled to a place like Paris knows, it’s hard to find your own unique take on an often photographed subject like the Eiffel Tower, but this is my individual take on that well-loved landmark.


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