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Spreading my Virtual Wings – Guess Where?


Those who follow me on various social networks may be reading this and yawning to themselves thinking “old news,” but it’s a post I’ve kept putting off until I felt there was enough of a presence to justify saying it, but yes, I’ve finally bit the bullet and started uploading my work to Fine Art America in addition to the existing outlets where you can already find it.

Those who’ve never read my about prints section may not realize that my existing main gallery is handled by Zenfolio. At the same time two years that I made that my venue of choice, I also looked closely at Fine Art America. There are a variety of reasons that I went with Zenfolio, but I also cut back on the time I spent on places like Redbubble and Zazzle. It wasn’t a dig on those sites but a desire to have a place to show my work that was less art community and more me-focused. I can’t say anything bad about that experience and I have plenty of nice things to say about Zenfolio. In fact, preparing this post has convinced me that I need a separate post later that may interest everyone but is more aimed at artists to discuss my experience on various art sites over the past few years – my own little knowledge dump that might assist other visual artists with choices about where they want to concentrate their own efforts. There really is no one size fits all in this category.

Long story somewhat shorter, I realized that as nice as it was to have my insulated oasis, it makes perfect sense to have more exposure for my work. More venues equal more potential eyes. Someone who goes to Fine Art America and searches has a potential to find my work while they might not have known about me otherwise. Even someone searching via a search engine has a better chance finding my art on a site that will inevitably ranks higher in those search engines. Since Fine Art America was my next in line choice two years ago, and a site about which I’ve heard plenty of good word of mouth, it was a natural choice. As I’ve already had a couple of sales after a very short tenure there, I’ve got a good feeling about this additional online gallery.

Screenshot of my Artist Website courtesy of Fine Art AmericaNow, you awesome folks who have followed my work for awhile may be wondering in the future if it matters whether you purchase via my Fine Art America print site or another of the sites where my artwork is available? There’s actually not a concise answer to that question. Quality wise, I’m happy to say, any of the above, but beyond that, there’s not a one for one match between the sites product wise. You will find products and sizes from one site to the other differ. Just as one example, Fine Art America offers more canvas print sizes and options. So, you may find that the products on offer coupled with your decorating needs make the decision for you. And as always if there’s ever a question I can answer that will help you, you need only drop me a note.

I’m still uploading to my new account and will be for the foreseeable future, but I’ve managed to  set up print collections for New York City, Atlanta, and London – plus a handful of pictures that aren’t yet in their own collections.

Hope you’ll all give the new site a little tire kicking and heck, even the existing gallery has had a minor facelift recently to warrant a virtual stroll.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I just happened to come across your post, whilst looking for online POD services. I am presently looking at different POD services. Your post clarified a few points form me ,

    thank you

    1. Thanks John! Glad this post was of help. I’ve done a couple of similarly themed posts recently that might also be helpful – at least I hope they are!

      You can find those posts in the tips and tutorials category of my blog.

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