All of my art is special to me, but there are invariably some like my Auburn art prints that are just a bit more special. That’s because Auburn is not simply a place I visited. I lived there and attended Auburn University for two years during grad school.

So these Auburn art prints are personal. They show the places I remember or heard about. There’s a strong air of nostalgia for me, and I’m sure the same can be said for many of the people who have bought them. Yes, all of these Auburn art prints are for sale.

It’s always a pleasure when people choose my artwork to decorate with, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment when they pick art from a place like Auburn. Despite never finishing that degree, I made some of the longest-lasting friends I have in the “Loveliest Village On The plains.” I bet you can say so as well?

If you have already seen my prints and are ready to purchase you can find these prints in my art shop.

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    • Auburn Tradition - War Eagle Supper Club Art Print

      Auburn Tradition – War Eagle Supper Club Art

      It seems like every college town has its own special bar – a gathering spot like none-other to the people who go there. For decades, an Auburn tradition was the War Eagle Supper Club on South College Street. I’ve had … Read More
    • Classic Auburn University Samford Hall Print by artist Mark Tisdale

      Classic Auburn University – Samford Hall Art

      One of the highlights of my 20’s was the two years I spent in grad school at Auburn University, and I’ll never forget the first time I drove through Auburn. It was a summer afternoon and as I came down … Read More
    • Auburn In The Rain - Toomer's Corner Art Print

      Auburn In The Rain – Toomer’s Art

      Auburn has been a favorite subject for my art lately. In good part, I suspect that’s nostalgia driven. We often hit moments in life where it’s easier to live in the past than the present and even when that’s not … Read More
    • The Sani-Freeze - Auburn Alabama Landmark Art Print by Mark Tisdale

      The Sani-Freeze – AKA The Flush – Auburn Landmark

      Despite living in Auburn for a couple of years, there are places I’ve only heard about. The Sani-Freeze was one of those Auburn landmarks I never knew firsthand. But for many Auburn Alumni and people others who called Auburn, Alabama, … Read More
    • Toomer's Corner Art Print - An Auburn Tradition - Print by Mark Tisdale

      Toomer’s Corner – An Auburn Tradition

      I think every historic college town seems to have its own special traditions. For those of us who have attended Auburn University or simply lived there, I think Toomer’s Corner would definitely qualify. Toomer’s Corner is both a local landmark and … Read More
    • Auburn Art For Kids by Mark Tisdale

      Auburn Art For Kids

      This colored illustration was done for those looking for Auburn art for kids. If you’ve followed my work for awhile, you know that I have art featuring Auburn landmarks for adults, but I wanted to add some artwork that was … Read More
    • Aubie Art Print By Mark Tisdale

      Aubie Art – A Little Dream

      This Aubie art print has a an intentionally dreamy vibe to it. It’s a print I did for the young and the young at heart depicting a night under the lights at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The dark blues in this Auburn … Read More
    • Toomer's Drugs - Auburn Landmark Art by Mark Tisdale

      Toomer’s Drugs – Auburn Landmark Art

      This Toomer’s Drugs print was the result of a request of an Auburn alum who follows my work. But it was one of those requests that fit in nicely with my existing body of Auburn art! It’s always a pleasure … Read More
    • Auburn Christmas Spirit - Falling Snow Art by Mark Tisdale

      Auburn Christmas Spirit – Falling Snow

      Although falling snow in Alabama may be rare, I felt like this image captures the Auburn Christmas spirit. In fact, I completed this work right around Christmas. I envisioned it primarily being of interest to those seeking Auburn Christmas cards, … Read More
    • Lowder Red Barn - Auburn Campus Print by Mark Tisdale

      Lowder Red Barn – Auburn Campus

      The Edward L Lowder Red Barn on the campus at Auburn University was another Auburn art print I did by request. The barn and old silos are part of an Ag Heritage park administered by the College of Agriculture. The … Read More
    • Auburn Baby Art- Nursery Decor by Mark Tisdale

      Auburn Baby Art

      I thought this Auburn baby art would be a fun choice either for decorating nurseries or for baby shower gifts when one or both of the parents are Auburn alum. This Auburn baby art features an understandably happy young man … Read More