All of my art is special to me, but there are invariably some like my Auburn art prints that are just a bit more special. That’s because Auburn is not simply a place I visited. I lived there and attended Auburn University for two years during grad school.

So these Auburn art prints are personal. They show the places I remember or heard about. There’s a strong air of nostalgia for me, and I’m sure the same can be said for many of the people who have bought them. Yes, all of these Auburn art prints are for sale.

It’s always a pleasure when people choose my artwork to decorate with, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment when they pick art from a place like Auburn. Despite never finishing that degree, I made some of the longest-lasting friends I have in the “Loveliest Village On The plains.” I bet you can say so as well?

If you have already seen my prints and are ready to purchase you can find these prints in my art shop.

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