While I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy more of my work, the featured art here is a taste of the artwork that I have created over the years. In most cases, this is art to buy as prints available in my shop.

Some of my work is from my home state of Georgia while others are inspired by places I’ve lived or places I’ve traveled both in the US and abroad.

This featured art may be showcased because of a special story or memory connected to the subject. Or in some cases I was just particularly proud of how the artwork turned out or how it has been received by others.

As always if you have questions about any of my work whether it’s the art pictured here or that found in my shop, please send me a message with your questions or comments and I’ll be happy to respond.

Tybee Island Beach

When I went to Savannah for a few days last Fall, my travels turned into a couple of days at the beach and less time in Savannah than I had planned.  This only means that I must return to this … Read More

Tybee Lighthouse – Coastal Georgia

Tybee Island is a beautiful little gem off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Tybee has long been a weekend getaway for citizens of Savannah (it was in fact renamed Savannah Beach for a time). Today, Tybee Island sees vacationers from … Read More

Brooklyn on the East River

I only tiptoed into the fringe of Brooklyn on this trip but hope to see more of New York City’s five boroughs one day. These scenes are from the edge of the East River which affords a nice view of Manhattan. This … Read More

Around New York City

When I was in New York, I took several bus tours in an effort to get my bearings and see the main sights. Probably given the short time I had, it was too many bus tours but I got the … Read More

New York Nights

New York has a well earned reputation for the city that never sleeps and the night lights are a must see for anyone visiting. Aside from just walking and enjoying (recommended), there are also open top bus tours of the … Read More

Brooklyn Bridge For Sale – Art Prints

Certainly one of New York City’s most famous bridges is the Brooklyn Bridge which connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s the oldest suspension bridge in the US and met with some misfortune for the builders in the 13 years it … Read More

New York Skyline – Art Prints

Despite taking so long to finally visit the largest city in my own country, it was well worth the visit! Five nights in New York could barely be described as brushing the surface, but I feel like I got some … Read More

London Tate Modern

It took four visits to London to finally make a call on London’s Tate Modern.  In my defense, I had visited the British Museum (twice), The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and the Victoria And Albert Museum.  I think … Read More

Atlanta Icons – Let’s Eat

Once upon a time, I started a series of photographs of what I thought were Atlanta’s iconic places. I was inspired because I had been traveling and kept coming back with what I though (hoped) were pictures of icons of … Read More

St Pauls Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is certainly an icon of London. The images of the great dome standing above the smoke of WWII is certainly one that will live in our collective conscious for years to come. Officially the Cathedral Church of … Read More

Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University) is the second oldest university in the English speaking world.  It was established  in 1209 and consists of 31 colleges dotted around the landscape of modern Cambridge. The Backs is the view of … Read More

Around Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is well known as the home of the University of Cambridge.  The heritage of the area is ancient, having been the site of habitation since well into pre-history.  It was occupied in Roman times as Duroliponte.  … Read More

City of St Albans

St Albans has a long history connected to London.  It was once a day’s ride from London, so became a major stop for the coach trade.  Today at  about a half hour by train, it’s become a charming bedroom community.  … Read More

Villages and Towns of Southern England

There’s a special charm to the small villages I’ve seen in southern England, centuries of history, often with one or two grand old building but otherwise fairly simple places. More often than not, the village’s church is one of the … Read More

Cornish Ruins

The countryside of Cornwall is dotted with old treasures, ruins that could range in age from centuries to millennia.  But they all have a rich history. Lanyon Quoit is on the older end.  Built around 2500 BC, this neolithic dolmen … Read More

City of Bath

Among many stops on my Haggis Tour wander to and from Cornwall was the City of Bath.  I was quite looking forward to seeing the old Roman Baths that give the modern city its name, but I knew very little … Read More

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