While I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy more of my work, the featured art here is a taste of the artwork that I have created over the years. In most cases, this is art to buy as prints available in my shop.

Some of my work is from my home state of Georgia while others are inspired by places I’ve lived or places I’ve traveled both in the US and abroad.

This featured art may be showcased because of a special story or memory connected to the subject. Or in some cases I was just particularly proud of how the artwork turned out or how it has been received by others.

As always if you have questions about any of my work whether it’s the art pictured here or that found in my shop, please send me a message with your questions or comments and I’ll be happy to respond.

Cornish Coast

On my trip through Cornwall, we saw a lot of gorgeous coastline.  The coast is full of dramatic cliffs and gorgeous views.  Since Cornwall has been a vacation destination for so long, there are lots of little scenic spots and … Read More

Newquay Surfer Prints

Newquay is a an awesome little coastal town in Cornwall.  There has been human activity here since prehistoric times and a fishing village as far back as medieval times.  It’s lovely location and accessible sandy beaches have made it a … Read More

Avebury Stone Circle

On my first trip to England in April, 2004, my only day out of London was spent on a tour of, among other stops, Stonehenge – my main destination that day.  At the time, I had never heard of Avebury.  … Read More

Stonehenge On The Plains

On my last trip to the UK, there was some repeat stops.  Since this was my 5th visit to Britain, this should not be a surprise, however.  The truth was, that my last visit to Stonehenge had been over 4 … Read More

Red Sea Camp

An amazing part of our trip was two days relaxing on the Red Sea at the Sawa Camp near Nuweiba. We literally stayed in straw huts a few steps from the waters.  Here you can see an early morning shot … Read More

Saint Catherine’s Monastery

There was one part of the journey that I felt I only walked away with one shot I really liked.  I’ll explain that in a minute, but first, that one shot. This photo was taken outside the walls of Saint … Read More

Karnak Temple Prints

Karnak Temple was the last of the ancient temple ruins we visited on our tour of Egypt.  It was definitely the largest complex we visited, although I’d be torn to pick a best.  We were told that the Nile had … Read More

Luxor Temple Ruins

Our first afternoon in Luxor, we wandered along the Corniche – the riverside walkway along the Nile (apparently used in Egypt but borrowed from the French).  Our guide was pointing out things we could do, amongst which was the temple … Read More

Balloons Over Luxor

I often think back to my experience of flying in a hot air balloon over Egypt’s famous Valley of the Kings. Even though there have been balloon crashes since my trip, I don’t regret taking my flight at all. It … Read More

Everyday Egypt – Prints

While ancient monuments and temples are a treasure and grand to see, they are not what defines a place  That would be the people.  And while I don’t specialize so much in portraits thus far, I still made some attempts … Read More

Felucca Prints

Traditional sailboats that have plied the Nile for ages still use this ancient highway today.  These wooden boats with lateen sails are mostly pleasure craft these days but in the past would have been one of the main ways of … Read More

Sahara Prints

During my trip through Egypt, we got to see a lot of the great desert, the Sahara.  We also learned that Sahara is Arabic for desert.  So, those of us calling it Sahara Desert, as I always had, are really … Read More

Abu Simbel Prints

Ramses II, we were told, was the only Pharaoh of Egypt to bear the epithet, The Great. Ramses The Great lived to be 90 or 91 years old and reigned for some 67 years.  He’s known today for being a … Read More

Cairo Mosque Prints

Alongside the pyramids, one of the highlights of our visit to Cairo was the Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha at the Citadel. The Mosque is a major tourist stop for a reason. It’s an exquisite early 19th century Ottoman mosque, … Read More

Egyptian Pyramids

There are many pyramids across Egypt, and if I ever make it back, I hope to see more of them, but I did get to see THE pyramids.  THE pyramids being the ones on the Giza plateau in greater Cairo.  … Read More

Edinburgh Prints

If I was pressed to pick a  favorite place to visit, most people could tell you it was London – with all apologies to the rest of the world and some of the fabulous places I’ve visited.  But a very … Read More

Scottish Highlands Photos

Although it was my second trip to Scotland before I saw any of the Scottish Highlands, it was an absolute highlight of my that journey. The Scottish Highlands are full of history and rugged landscapes.  Home of some of the … Read More

Isle of Skye Photos

The Isle of Skye was a true highlight from my Haggis tour of the Scottish Highlands.  An incredible place of natural beauty, the island is the northernmost of the Inner Hebrides.  Archaelogical digs on the island shows that it has … Read More

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