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Above The Rest – 191 Peachtree – Atlanta Art Print


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Pictured in this print is 191 Peacthree Tower, one of the taller skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta. I always loved the architecture of this particular building. I’m an armchair architecture student at best, but to my eye 191 Peachtree looks to be reminiscent of classic art deco design. Perhaps its down to simply the very linear design of the facade? I’m not sure, but it has a very retro vibe to me. Of course, whatever the architects intended, it would only be borrowing the style though as 191 Peachtree Tower was built in the early 1990’s. So, even a couple of decades on, it’s a fairly contemporary building.

I achieved the angle in this photo from a neighboring observation deck. From this vantage point, 191 Peachtree Tower appears to loom far above the skyline, dwarfing everything in sight. That’s not the case of course. If you looked in most any other direction, although it’s a distinctive piece of the skyline, it’s one of many skyscrapers that make up the modern Atlanta skyline.

There’s something about the style of the building combined with the looming the angle of the image that reminds me of a frame from an animated serial from the golden age of animation. Perhaps that connection is just my fanciful imagination? But it’s that feeling of a bygone era of design and presentation influenced my choice of color treatment for this Atlanta photo. I wanted it to have a vintage feeling all around, color included. And to me, the feeling of an old film cell from classic animation is even more pronounced as a result.

The result is a memorable art print whether you love the Atlanta skyline, you fancy architecture, or, like me, a little of the first two columns along with a healthy dose of imagination.


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