1955 Chevy Pickup – Classic Truck Canvas Print

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About This Image

1955 Chevy Pickup – Classic Truck Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale.

The subject of this classic truck canvas print is a blue 1955 Chevy Pickup. It’s depicted in a farm landscape with a classic red barn and old silo. The concept for this farm print started with the backdrop. I knew when I started that I wanted to feature a classic truck and that I wanted it to be blue, but the actual choice for the truck came last.

But as soon as I saw the beautiful styling of that old Chevrolet truck, I knew I had the perfect truck to pair with this colorful farm scene. The red white and blue motif hit me as not only a very American color scheme but a nice set of bright colors that might appeal to parents decorating a boy’s room. However, I’ve heard from multiple customers who thought his scene was an equally great fit for their rustic decor themed rooms. I will say for my part regardless of the setting, this is one of those cheerful pieces of canvas art that simply brings a smile to my face.

What stands out in this classic truck canvas print for you? Do you have a think specifically for 1955 Chevy Pickups? Or do  you just generally like art that depicts farm life? I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts about what attracted you and what sort of art you were looking for? Keep in mind that I welcome requests if you like my style but the subject you were looking for is different than seen here.


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