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Amazing Highland Morning – Isle of Skye Art Print


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Without a doubt, one of my favorite places we visited in the Scottish Highlands was the Isle of Skye, seen in this Highland morning print. The weather here in winter was amazingly variable. One minute it was raining and gray, the next the skies would open for a moment like the one you see see in this print. Those fleeting moments of light were so special.

This particular golden moment in Sligachan only lasted a short time, but I was amazed at the way the light still low on the horizon was illuminating the skies far more than the landscape – almost as if the skies were on fire. Some people have told me this phenomenon is called gloaming. Whatever you call it, those few fleeting moments where the sun was illuminating the skies over the Isle of Skye were jaw-dropping beautiful.

Traditionally a landscape photo would be landscape in orientation, but when I saw this little stream and that amazing Highland Morning sky, I defied that convention. I wanted to use that stream as both a central point in the image and a line to lead you to the horizon and that amazing sky over Skye. I felt this portrait format achieved that aim the best. Don’t you agree?

While we were visiting Sligachan on the Isle of Skye, our guide told us all sorts of fantastic tales of Faeries, wee people and similar legends. And in an inexplicable way, I feel this Highland morning print captured that magic. It did feel like this landscape was literally permeated with the magic of long ago fantasies.

Standing there before that fiery sky, those stories seemed so believable and real. And every since this day, I’ve longed to spend more time exploring the beautiful Isle of Skye, truly a place of inspiration for any visual artist.

In the years that have passed, I wanted to include more geographical information for this scene. For those interested in the details for this Highland morning print, I believe the most prominent mountain is Marsco, part of the Red Cullins, one of several mountain chains on the island. If anyone out there has more concrete details about this location, I’d love to know!

Have you also roamed the landscapes of the Isle of Skye? If not, perhaps this print simply speaks to the side of you that loves an amazing vista like this one from Skye? Prints of this golden Highland moment were among the first to sell from my time exploring Scotland. So clearly it has connected with an audience who either loves Skye or simply appreciates the view.


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