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The Ancient Hill of Tara – Sacred Ireland Art Print


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Just before I left Ireland, I had one last incredibly sunny day that just happened to coincide with a day trip out to see some of Ireland’s oldest and most fabled sites. Pictured here is one of those places, the legendary Hill of Tara.

This high ground in County Meath has been a place of importance stretching back well beyond recorded history. In more recent memory, the Hill of Tara was the symbolic home of Ireland’s High King, but archaeology in the last century has shown an even older history of burial mounds and chamber tombs – similar ones are still found intact in the nearby Boyne Valley.

The famous hill likely gained importance over the passing years because it is quite literally the high ground. The figures you see in this photo taking in the view are able to see for miles and miles, which has long been a tactical advantage.

The subtle curves in the top of the Hill of Tar are the remnants of long lost mounds and ditches from earlier occupiers of this hill. I will always be fascinated by these faint echoes from the past. It’s interesting to imagine what may have happened beneath your feet in years gone by but in places like the Hill of Tara, you can literally get a glimpse into that past just from studying the terrain.

This was my favorite vantage point on the top of the Hill of Tara on that beautifully sunny day. I loved the sight of those small figures standing against the deep blue sky and how that sky contrasts with the grass, but the reason this photo won out over the rest is the woman in red on the right-hand side. Her inclusion in this landscape gives the blue and green a definite pop.

Have you walked along the top of the ancient Hill of Tara? Does this print remind you of a beautiful day exploring ancient and sacred Ireland? I’d love to hear what attracted you to this Irish print?


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