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Ancient Roman Ruins – Colosseum Art Print


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When I made my plans to visit Italy, it was Roman Ruins I was after. Like many of us, I have always had an interest in ancient history. And Rome has long been at the center of that fascination. It’s interesting that years later, I have few memories of the long flight or indeed much of that early morning as I got situated in Rome, but I will never forget seeing the ancient Roman ruins of the Colosseum looming into view in the beautiful Italians skies that first morning in Rome.

Those Roman ruins may just be a shell of the glory of ancient Rome, but they are still so incredibly impressive. Just look at the details in the design of the Colosseum. In this one section of the exterior, you get a great feel for the harmony of ancient Roman architecture. Look at the ordered columns, the arches and the details that still remain. And this is what remains after centuries of not just benign neglect but the removal of marble and metallic decoration from the exterior of these famous Roman Ruins. For centuries the Colosseum was not the symbol of rome but a convenient quarry for materials in new construction.

And yest as this Colosseum print bears out, these Roman ruins are still impressive today. My personal favorite aspect of this print is the golden light in the arches above. I feel like that warm light echoes the long ago golden age of that ancient empire.

Have you also stood before these ancient Roman ruins? Do you have fond memories of your first sighting of the Colosseum? Or perhaps you are a fan of history and this print fuels that passion for you? I would love to hear what speaks to you in this Rome print.


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