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Ancient Stonehenge On The Plains Of Wiltshire


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I’ve been fortunate to visit the incredible neolithic site of Stonehenge, as pictured here, twice. The first time was at the dawn of my love of travel. At that point, I always had a camera in tow, but I had yet to really discover my love of creating visual art with it. That first visit to the Salisbury Plain featured postcard perfect blue skies that I would not see again on the next.

My second visit was, as seen here, stormy. Most of my time walking around the ancient stone circle, the skies were particularly flat and gray. Just before I left, there was a golden moment with enough light to give the clouds some real depth for a few minutes. I think this resulting landscape print is a quite special and dramatic view of ancient Stonehenge. Don’t you?

I loved that picture perfect weather for my first time seeing Stonehenge, but I wouldn’t trade that second visit. This one lone view of the landscape at Stonehenge is uniquely mine.

I know it would be a madhouse, but I would dearly love to visit Stonehenge at least once more, to photograph it during the solstice. Just imagine seeing it with throngs of people who are all trying to imagine the minds of the people who built this beautiful place thousands of years ago.

For now, I’ll look back at this photo and be thankful for that one golden moment at Stonehenge. Have you gazed on these ancient stones, too? Or are you an armchair archaeologist like so many of us, fascinated by the prehistoric world represented the sanding stones of Stonehenge?

Note: Stonehenge, Avebury and associated neolithic monuments in Wiltshire are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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