Andalusia High School – Old Main Canvas Print

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About This Image

Andalusia High School – Old Main Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This Alabama canvas print features the classic “Old Main” building at Andalusia High School. This building is one of those places I grew up hearing about even though I never attended. My Mom was born and raised in Andalusia, and attended the local schools there, graduating from Andalusia High School. Since my grandmother lived there when I was small, some of my earliest memories are from that beautiful city in Covington County just above the Florida panhandle. As years passed, there were fewer family members still living there and we visited less often. but Andalusia will always be the place where some of my earliest personal memories reside.

I’ve always been impressed by the spirit of continuity and tradition that seems to revolve around Andalusia High School. I heard about it growing up and I saw it first hand while visiting during homecoming once several years ago. In fact this print of “Old Main” is based on photos I took on that visit. The sense of community among both the locals and the visiting alumni was palpable. Even though many didn’t live there anymore it was clearly still “home” to them.

The continuity of Andalusia High School extends even to the building. The current building, Old Main, built in 1939, is not the first high school. Yet it seems like it! In fact, where the Elementary schools in Andalusia have been replaced in my lifetime, Andalusia High School has had new wings added and renovations. The citizens of Andalusia seem inclined to keep that part of their heritage intact. And it’s a beautiful building, can you blame them?

Did you attend school in the building depicted on this Andalusia canvas print? Or does the strong sense of classic Americana appeal to you? I hope you might take a moment to share what attracted you to this particular art.


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