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Autumn Abstract Painting – Appalachian Fall


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This autumn abstract painting was very much inspired by my memories of living just north of Atlanta but an easy drive from the mountains of North Georgia. Without a doubt my favorite time of the year there was the fall or autumn time. The intensity of the colors in Appalachia as the trees changed was just different to my experience of living in middle and south Georgia. Fall here can be lovely but nothing like what I remember from those years. And I don’t think I’m looking back with rose colored glasses, either!

As suggested in this autumn abstract painting, my favorite thing to do on weekends when I lived there was to hit the road. I could easily spend a day wandering down unknown roads in North Georgia and sometimes up into Tennessee and North Carolina. There was more than one occasion where I would take a bag with me and spend the night wherever the wind took me so that I could spend the whole weekend wandering the curving roads amongst the fall foliage. This is definitely my ode to Appalachian fall and the many golden hours I spent driving the country roads in the mountains at the foot of the Appalachian trail!

The golden hues were consistently my favorite and they are represented most fully in this autumn abstract painting. This artwork captures the feeling of golden light seeping through the canopy of trees on a fall afternoon wandering in Appalachia. And every time I look at this, it takes me back to my own little happy place in time and space.

Does it take you back to your own days seeing the leaves turn? Maybe rather than an Appalachian Fall it reminds you of New England? I would really love to hear your thoughts on this autumn artwork? Is it simply down to the colors for you? Or does this trigger happy memories?


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