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Avebury Village And Stone Circle – British Art


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I’ve been to Avebury Village in Wilshire twice. My first visit was on that first trip beyond my own shores and Avebury was absolutely a magical memory. After all, unlike Stonehenge, at Avebury, you can walk among the ancient stones. So when the chance came to go again, I was more than happy to roam around that prehistoric stone circle and lovely village once more. And I’d leap at the chance to go there again. It’s definitely my mental image of the bucolic English countryside.

Pictured here is just a small portion of the standing stone circle at Avebury village. Nearby Stonehenge may be more well known, but the neolithic circle at Avebury is both older and larger. Like Stonehenge, Avebury feels like a mysterious and mystical sacred place. So many secrets of the ancient past locked in those stones. What would it be like to talk to the people who built this place? I would love some insight into what drew them here. And an eye into what motivated them to undertake such a huge building effort.

As you can see in this print, in the thousands of years since this neolithic circle was built, Avebury village grew up in its midst. In fact, more than just within the circle. Some of the buildings in the village are made from actual stones that were broken up. There’s a part of me that mourns that loss, but the history of the two are woven together now. And Avebury is an incredible place to visit. It’s both a quintessential little English country village and an amazing stone circle in one stop. And this print really captures that dual nature with the row of stones leading to the village streets beyond.


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